Separate taskbars on virtual desktops


I'm looking for a taskbar program (there don't seem to be any native options) that will allow me to have unique taskbars for each virtual desktop in Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the default behavior seems to be that windows from all the desktops are simply pulled into the same taskbar, which duplicates across each virtual desktop. For my use case, this defeats a lot of the purpose of keeping discrete projects on separate workspaces (in Ubuntu Linux, each virtual desktop has its own taskbar).

I've tried a variety of software for taskbar modification (DisplayFusion, Actual Multiple Monitors, UltraMon), but unless I'm missing something none seem to able to provide this configuration.

Is there any way of making this work?

Hello Daniel,

Why dont you try latest version of ultramon it will definitely help to achieve what you are looking for and if you want you can also check the below Faqs for better understanding of Virtual desktop tip in having multiple screen.

Getting Started | CloudDesktopOnline

Hope it will help you


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