I am having trouble getting a scanner to work with windows 7. The computer recognises the printer but not the scanner. I have tried 3 different multi-function printers with the same result. Using a HP Photosmart C4480 an error message 8,[(02-21474672590] comes up. I thought i might need to re-install windows 7 as re-installing the printer drivers does not solve the problem - or could it be a hardware problem, although I have tried plugging in to 2 different USB ports on the computer. Can anyone give me some guidance? With thanks.



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I bet it is a driver problem.


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I had the same problem, you don't say that you are running 64 bit but my guess is that you are.

I had an expensive large format HP professional scanner, when I went from Windows 98 to Windows XP there were no drivers for it.
I contacted HP and they told me they had no plans to offer Windows XP drivers for it, and I should buy a new scanner. I did I bought an Epson and I haven't purchased anything from HP since, I replaces all of my HP stuff with Epson.

I gave the scanner to a friend who was still running Windows 98.

When I went to 64 bit Windows 7 I had the same problem with my Epson scanner.
I had to use 3rd party software to run it.

Go to HP and see if they have a 64 bit scanner driver for it.

This should be the right software package...

HP Photosmart Full Feature Software and Drivers HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Here's the link to the scanner software if it's still like it was when I got it you can try it for free and make sure it works.

VueScan - Download

There is a fee if you want to keep using it.

If you are running 32 but Windows then I don't have a clue what your problem is.


Dear Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I am running a 32 bit version - home edition.
One of the printers I tried to use for scanning was brand new Canon (complete with Win 7 disk) which I purchased when I thought it was a scanner malfunction. So I doubt it is a mechanical problem with a printer/scanner or a printer software problem. I think it is more likely a windows 7 problem or a problem with the usb port not recognising the scanner but is this even possible if the computer recognises the multi-function printer and allows it to print.

What I am trying to determine is whether or not to re-install Windows which will be a pain in the neck or do I take my computer to a technician to see if he can find a hardware problem with the computer. The usb drives seem to function properly with all other devices plugged in to them. Any further advice?



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The Fax options might take an additional driver or utility, as whs mentions. What were the other multi-function printers you tried?

Scanners were one of the devices that seemed to have the most trouble with the introduction of Vista and Windows 7.


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This seems to be a common problem.
People reported that the following fix solved the problem for them.
This is pretty old but you can give it a try.

This is from HP...

Re: Resolving HP Solution Center Scan and Product Status Issues After Upgrading Windows Vista to Win

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Here is some more valuable information to share on this topic!

If the previous solution did not solve your issue, try the following:

Step one: Uninstall the printer driver.
On the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon

  1. Click All Programs.
  2. Click the folder marked HP to open a list of options.
  3. Click the folder that shows the name of the printer to see more options.
  4. Click Uninstall and follow the on screen instructions. If prompted choose to "Uninstall all HP products associated with this device."
  5. Restart the PC.

Step two: Download and run the DOT4 patch.

1. Click here to download the software patch. A File Download window opens.
2. Choose one of the following options to download the patch to the computer.

  • If you want to install the patch on the computer immediately, click Run.
  • If you want to install the patch at a later time, click Save, select a destination on the computer for the file to save, and then clickSave. When the download is complete, click the downloaded file.
3 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
4 When you are prompted to restart your computer, click Restart to complete the installation.

Step three: Download and install the HP software

If you have the HP software CD with Windows 7 support, you can insert the CD into the CD drive on your computer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. However, HP recommends that you download and install the software from the HP Web site. This software is the most current and contains updates that might not be on your software CD.

Download the software

Follow these steps to download the product software and save it to your computer.
1. Open a new window to browse to the Select Software and Drivers page:
a. Right-click this link, Select Software and Drivers , and then click Open in New Window.
b. If prompted, type your product number. You might also need to click it in a list of similar products.
c. Click your operating system.
The Select Software and Drivers page opens
2. Click on the Full Feature Software and Drivers link.
3. Click Download only. This option allows you to install the software at any time after the download completes.
4. Click Save, and then browse to the place on your computer where you want to save the file.
5. Click Save. The software downloads to your computer.

Tip: Make a note of the place that you saved the file, in case you want to install it at a later time.

Install the software

Follow these steps to install the downloaded software.

1. When the download is complete and you are ready to install the files, click Open Folder, and then click the downloaded file. The file name ends in .exe.
[TABLE="width: 100%"]
[TD="width: 40"][/TD]
[TD="width: 10%"]NOTE:[/TD]
[TD="width: 90%"]If you closed the Download Complete screen, browse to the folder where you saved the .exe file, and then click it.[/TD]

2. You can accept the default place to save the files. Click Next, and then wait while the installer extracts the files to prepare for installation.

3. When the Install Wizard starts, follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

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PS: Here's the link to the post....


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Dear Mike,

Thanks for your help with this problem but I am pretty sure it is not a HP driver problem as the scanner has been operating properly until a few weeks ago. I have the Win 7 installation disk for my multifunction printer and after trying your suggested solution the scanner function still does not work. It also did not allow the scanner to operate on a new Cannon multi-function printer (with Win 7 installation disk) which I purchased in an attempt to solve what I initially thought was a broken printer problem. I but have run virus scans and the recovery programme and these have not helped.

I have purchased a new copy of Win 7 to install but am reluctant to do this at the moment and would rather try to find out what has become corrupted. Could it be anything else that comes to mind other than the HP scanning software.

With thanks, Sepps


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Hi again.

Since the computer recognizes the printer but not the scanner I still think this has to be an issue with the HP software.

Do you have a third party program like Photoshop that you can try and run the scanner from (I never do it any other way so my experience with using the factory software is limited) but I find literally dozens of people who have this problem and no real solutions.

Some do say that they can scan with other software but not the HP apps.

Most say the scanner was working normally and then quit and now they can't find any way to get it to run again.

I have to say that I swore off HP products years ago when practically every one I knew was having similar problems with their HP stand alone scanners and getting no help from the company. I knew a lot of people using HP scanners because I'm a graphic designer, and back then almost everyone used HP products. Not true anymore.

Re-installing Windows may fix the problem, because it seems to revolve around something in the HP software getting corrupted and not being able to fix it, even by reinstalling.

If you wan't to try doing a repair install of Windows 7 to see if it fixes it here are the instructions.

Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums

If you have service pack one installed you have to remove it first.

How to uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

What I would do myself it go and buy a stand alone scanner.

In fact I'm going to!

I decided since I seldom use my scanner (almost everything comes in digital now) to go with a Cannon all in one the last time I needed a new printer.

What I found was that even though I went with a high end model the quality of the scanner was very poor.

Not close to the level of reproduction I was used to in my scanners over the years.
So now I'm going to have to go back to a stand alone scanner.

I'd recommend something like this for an not professional. Epson Perfection V300 Photo Color Scanner (Black): Electronics

Sorry I couldn't be of more help but there doesn't seem to be any good answer for this.

Maybe someone else will have an idea!



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See whether it is being recognized in Paint (from Camera and Scanner).

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