September 2011 Updates: Gaining Momentum


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SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 -- Update Implementation

The website is currently running on nightly closed beta builds of vBulletin 4.1.7. Like the ice caps melting from the polar regions of our planet, major changes are taking place at all times, especially behind the scenes at Windows 7 Forums!

Enterprise translator updated from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2. This fixes some under-the-hood issues with non-English translations.

Over 300 internal changes
have been patched and vBulletin 4.1.6. Beta has now been merged with vBulletin 4.1.7 Beta. The final release will include at least one code contribution and bug report from These changes are live!

The content portal management system has been updated from v4.1 has been updated to 4.1.2. This new release should resolve any remaining issues that were introduced with the vBulletin 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 releases.

What does this mean for Windows 7 Forums and Windows 8 Forums?

Pure gold! :tongue: We don't know of a single Windows community that updates their website software this much, or even participates in the closed beta development of software like vBulletin. We don't even stop there - we are indirectly involved in bug reporting and error fixing for nearly half a dozen separate products and plugins. And we are in the active role of developing our own plugin and products! Computer down? Android users should remember we actually have a Android mobile application we are still working on! We will eventually port this application to Windows Phone and iOS. The iOS version is ready, but we need a Macintosh? If you would like to send us one...

What does this mean for our end-users? Bugs you might normally see fall through the cracks and end up in final releases of interactive database driven software like vBulletin never do if we find them first. And that's a great story for all forums on the Internet - since most of them run vBulletin. We are proud of our close association with various groups and continue to run nightly builds of the latest vBulletin code. This happens when we deem the builds are stable enough to be tested.

Do you notice something strange about your forum experience?

Report it is us in the Feedback Forum or use Contact Us to report a bug. Our history shows that most of forum bugs that we are able to reproduce have been solved thanks to member contributions. Not just solved for - but for the tens of thousands of forums that run vBulletin code.

Windows 8 on the Horizon

This ship is headed straight for Windows 8. That's why we permanently launched Windows 8 Forums on January 1st, 2011. But since that time, not much has gone on there. The best just got better, and now that has become the forum everyone deserves and loves, we will be setting our sites on development this month. It should be noted that all of these updates are automatically deployed to But, to spice up the pot, here's some important info on Windows 8 Forums:

  • We are looking for people who are technology specialists. These people should be interest in volunteering to product multimedia content, including YouTube videos, unique and detailed tutorials, and other quality content so that information is available during launch week. Using tools like TeamViewer and Skype, we can do interviews, interactive demonstrations, and technical discussions and post them to the Internet. If you're tech savvy and have a web cam, we can even show you how to do it. These special contributors will be known as "Content Publishers", "Video Gurus", "Technical Leaders", and "Community Liaisons" on Yes, there will be direct recognition for original content and technical participation. These technorati of will receive the all-star treatment and have custom titles and ranking attached to their account.

  • Go check out Windows 8 Forums now! We need you there! Regular Forum Announcements will be made there soon, as well! Our goal will be to provide you with all the information you need to get started at release time!
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The following data was restored following a database malfunction some may recall that occurred awhile ago:

160 rows of visitor messages
413 rows of likes

Most users with an extensive number of likes and visitor messages should now see those messages fully restored going back to 2009.

This information was able to be pulled and merged back into the database from a clean backup from around 2 months ago.

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