Serious issue

I haven't had any problems since I installed windows on a new hd back in 2012. Until now.
Yesterday I was on the internet and I see something like static on the screen. After a short while my computer froze. I restored and that seemed to work, but today Windows will not boot. I can boot in Safe Mode and my hardware looks to be ok but I have no idea what the problem is.
Windows 8.1
12Gb RAM (Corsair vengeance)
MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard
EVGA Radeon 465

Boot into safe mode with networking....then download/run Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware and Norton Power Eraser. Let those programs do there thing. When they are all done, restart PC and see if it boots normally.


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are you upgrading it to 10?

p.s, yes Microsoft will try to do that without asking you first.

Boot into safe mode with networking....then download/run Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware and Norton Power Eraser. Let those programs do there thing. When they are all done, restart PC and see if it boots normally.
Did this and i am still stairing at a black screen.
I need a system image for a restore, but my Windows install disk will not work.
Can't upgrade to 10 in safe mode either.


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but my Windows install disk will not work.
have you tried actually 'booting' (you may need to change the boot order) from the install disk as if you were going to clean install? You'll be able to access the recovery console and then safe mode.

You could also try creating a recovery disk/USB and try booting from that:

I know what the problem is now. For whatever reason some Windows files got corrupted. I need a recovery disk or boot disk to replace those files. Tried to download from Microsoft's website last night, but the utility needs a service that does not run in safe mode. I left feedback on thier site about how happy I am I know exactly what I need but all I can get is a worthless utility. I will try doing a repair from my Windows 8 OEM disk tonight.


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I will try doing a repair from my Windows 8 OEM disk tonight.

Thanks for the update. Good luck


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For the future, it's a really good idea to make a Backup Image file or snapshot of your computer's C: bootdrive using a solid program such as MACRIUM REFLECT, available here:
In case you get driver or app or registry corruption in your windows systems files or you've contracted a nasty virus or spyware virus infection such as a Ransomware virus, you can recover from this type of problem in under 1 hour!!:up: I've been putting this software on all computers that come into my repair shop for over a year now, and it's amazing!!:D It's the next best thing to keeping a spare hard drive around with a cloned copy of the bootdrive image save on it for emergency use in a hard drive crash. In fact, the Macrium will even let you do schedule live clone backup drive-to-drive on a scheduled basis. This let's you keep a 2nd hard drive of at least the same capacity as you bootdrive inside you computer case all hooked up to your Motherboard with an identical copy of your bootdrive on it. You can set clone backup to run daily, and if your hard drive ever crashes, you can open your computer case, switch your cables to make Drive1 now Drive0, reboot, and you can be back up and running and lose no more than 1 day's worth of data! Way better than the 1-3 weeks rebuild you now face doing it manually using MS Win8x retail install media.

Just a thought..

Best, :lightbulb:

An Update:
I ended up doing a system 'Refresh' with the boot disk which was a terrible option since I had already backed up my files in safe mode and it means that Adobe CS 5 is gone forever....
With a refreshed Windows I quickly found out that the drivers for my EVGA GTX 465 were what caused all of this. Every time I installed the drivers I would get a graphics disconnect and the system would eventually restart. With a driver removal utility I could get Microsoft's generic drivers going so I decided I might as well update to Windows 10.
You might think this would solve the problem right? No, even with the Windows 10 drivers my system would disconnect from the display adapter and I would have to reset. Right now I am using the motherboard's video out and I am wondering if I should get a new video card or if even that will not solve the problem. I have contacted Nvidia's customer support and informed them of my situation.

I had tried to do a drive clone months ago with both Clonezilla and Acronis, but neither would work.


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Sorry to hear about those problems. :( On the Adobe CS 5 issue however, if you owned a legit copy of that program you should have the Product key that came either on the install CD/DVD disc or the retail packaging it came in, and you should still be able to reinstall it in Win8.1.:up: If you purchased it via a website and download, you can look for the product key in the confirmation E-mail that they would have sent to you at the time of purchase. Either of these options would certainly let you reinstall it on your original W8.1 OS. :up:

Now if you lost the install media (CD/DVD disc), the retail packaging containing the product key, or the E-mail containing your product key, or some combination of all 3; good news!!:up: You still may be able to get it back by calling Adobe and talking to Customer Support and explaining your situation that an OS upgrade crashed your computer, and you have since lost your install media and or E-mailed product key. They can look up your records in their database and ask you supply some personal ID verification questions, and the number of the credit card you purchased the software from and the place of purchase and approximate date. You know you got it around 2012, so that will help them narrow it down, even if you purchased it from an online distributor or retailer. Worse case, they might charge you $30-$40 to send you out replacement media (Disc or USB); that certainly would be less than the several hundred dollars that program would have cost you. ;) My largest customer uses the CS3 version and it cost over $600. This isn't a zero-cost fix, but it's cheaper than having to buy the program all over again!;)

In the case that someone gave you a copy of CS5 from a company or an educational institution or non-profit, and you lost the media, product key, etc. you are simply out of luck, and that's the risk you take when running software that you don't actually own.:waah: Of course you could go back to the person you originally got the CS5 from and explain your situation, maybe they'll give you a replacement copy and key, perhaps even a newer version!:andwhat:

Hope this helps,:cool2:

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