Serious Video & Audio Issues

OK guys..... I know that there are a lot of other threads that touch on the issues of video and audio problems but i see no solution's....:confused:

I have a fresh install of windows 7 RC that i installed yesterday and i am having very serious issues..

OK I hope Microsoft is Looking into these issues..:(

The video is not as it should be... it goes blank (BLACK SCREEN) powersave or No signal right after it boots and gets past the windows logo.
downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia Drivers from the web and still does the same thing.
also something funny that its doing is showing the refresh rate @ 59mhz instead of the 60 that it should..?? when i change it to 60 the screen goes blank and returns at the default of 59 after 30 secs...???

The M/B integrated audio card was detected automatically by windows and a driver was installed. its a Creative X-FI extreme or something like that, but the rear audio ports were not working :confused:
when i plugged in a set of headphones that i had into the front port, they worked to my surprise...
soooooooo ....
I uninstalled the drivers that window installed automatically and downloaded the windows 7 driver from the creative website.
upon installing the drivers it gives me an error and says that there no compatible hardware detected.
I went through about 5 or 6 of the drivers from there web site with no luck..8(

I even let windows 7 download the audio drivers from the net automatically and install them... no luck.

Now the audio device doesn't even show up on the device list and doesn't work at all.....8(

pleas See the attached Computer Report...


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As far as the video goes, check the Windows update and see if a Nvidia update was downloaded. For my card, I tried using that download and it messed up. I ended up removing that update and reinstalling the real Nvidia drivers. My card is a GTX 260.

As far as the sound goes, maybe use Device Manager to update the drivers, or remove the device and let Windows find it again. When you reinstall your motherboard audio drivers, do not first remove the Windows ones. You also might have a utility that can change the uses of different jacks or switch from front to back if you board does that.

I found the problem for the audio.
I uninstalled all the audio drivers and restarted the computer, windows found the device and reinstalled the audio drivers from windows update. .. .. .. they worked !!8)
the only issue that i have with the audio drivers that windows installed is that i no longer have the audio control panel ..8(
so i dont have all the advanced fetures that it had before, like auto plug detection..8( oh well at least it works..

I have not found a solution to the video issues.

What process did you go through to install the Nvidia drivers? step by step ... OK
did you do it in safe mode?:confused:

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