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Anybody have the error message CLCAPSVC?? Microsoft has no solutions. I found this in another discussion group. Process belonging to Cyber Link Power Cinema. The program is non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Suggestions to disable Time-Shifting in the signal settings. I really want to get rid of this problem, but I'm still not sure what eliminating this program will do to my computer. It's a constant lag. My Mailbox will bring up the error DX8004880. If I sign off the service and reconnect it usually fixes the problem. The tones sound different in my dial-up when this happens.


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Hi Celestra, I did a Google and found a few pages on this subject. Wading through, this seemed the most viable option, so I copied and pasted...
If you run services.msc and locate the Cyberlink Background Service -- double click it to access its properties and set the startup mode to "disabled" and reboot.

See if any thing related Cyberlink that you need stops working. I suspect it is something related to this function >>

Hope thats a help.


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:(Hi!!! Kemical, It's going to be a problem. It shuts off quite a few things. I haven't the foggiest what to allow and what not. I'll write back when I know more.

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