Service Pack x64 bit causing headset hot mic issue

I use a logitech headset and ever since the service pack download I've been having issues. The mic is hot and the sound is looping itself back through the headphones. Can anyone please help me resolve this issue?



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The update might have reset some of your settings for the headset. If you right click the speaker icon and then select recording devices, do you see any options for the mic you could turn down or adjust in some way to keep the problem from occurring, maybe some enhancement?

There may even be a possibility that the ports were changed in the update, so you might want to make sure the plugs are still correct.

Perhaps reinstalling the headset software might help.


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As saltgrass has said the update might have changed some settings within the Microphone properties. You may have a look (depending on your sound card driver properties) for a Tab called "Listen" and a check box that says "Listen to this device" if mine is checked I can here my microphone in my own earphones. See attachment.

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