services.msc - automatic (delayed start)

Does anyone know which services labelled as 'Automatic' I can change to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' in services.msc?

I have already changed some of my SQLSERVER services to delayed start, but I suspect that something or a number of things that are causing the startup to be a bit slow are in services.msc, as I have disabled almost all startup programs that CCleaner allows me to.

Joe S

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Check out Black Viper they have a list of services and show their default settings and what you can tweak.

OK - thanks. Will do.


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find that the "tweaked" configuration works well for most people. If you do have problems, take note of what's going wrong and see if you can find a service in relation to that.
I'm don't know your system specs, but the best way to get the fastest startup is good hardware ;)

Cheers to Joe for mentioning black viper, it would have gone right over my head.

I will have a go at some of the recommendations on the list and see what happens.

Additionally, disabling startup items using CCleaner to remove temporary files etc., using its registry cleaner (perhaps) and uninstalling unused programs from the operating system seems to work pretty well.

Thanks - I will check it out...

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