Windows 7 "services.msc" not available any more?


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In the past I typed


in the run entry field to access directly the Servcies dialog.

Now I wanted to use it again (under WIndows 7).
Unfortunately it cannot be found by Win7.

Did the name changed?

Yes, it is still accessible through

Control Panel-->Administrative tools

but I want to access it directly through "run" entry field.

Is it possible somehow?

I'm running Windows 8 and I can still access services by typing services.msc in the run window on my computer.
It still works on my wife's Windows 7 laptop too.

When you type services in the Start Menu search box, what comes up for services. I show a Services with the gears next to it and a services.exe .. of course you would pick the one with the gears.

You might try putting the entire path in the Run box C:\Windows\System32\services.msc to see what happens.

Run Window.JPG

This is what I get, when I type either just Services.msc or the whole address.


Same on the other computer too.


Try running sfc /scannow from the command prompt as administrator and see if that helps.
Sounds like something got messed up someplace.

Interesting: On another Win7 computer it works fine.

So this must be a mis-configuration of that special computer. Maybe it was a side-effect of an "optimization" tool in the past.
When I type "services" in the run command entry field then all files from the "Favorites" dir tree appear like
"WebServices Tutorial" or "Development services",....

Maybe the base directory where run command searches for appropriate commands switched in REGISTRY from

C:\Windows\ resp. C:\Program files



Is there an ENVIRONMENT variable in Registry (like MY DOCUMENTS) which represents the root/base node for run command searches?