Windows 7 Session3_initalizatin_failed error


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I having this error "Session3_initalizatin_failed". When I try ti Install Windows 7. Both Vista Ultimate X64 and XP X32 Work just fine. XP on IDE ATA and Vista on SATA. I have tryed W7 on both disks. Also tryed al of my DDR ram in difrent ways. 1 and 1, and more. total 4 pices of 1 Gb. Also tryed with 2 difrent ati 3870 Graphic card and 1 nVidia card. But no Luck.
It lodes files and the mowing bar appers and do 5-6 rounds, then I got the bluescreen and this message: Session3_initalizatin_failed error and ***STOP: 0x0000006F (0XFFFFFFFF0000020, 0X0000000000000000, 0X0000000000000000, 0X0000000000000000) :mad:

Please Help

My spesifikation:

MB: asus P5E3 Deluxe
CPU: Intel Q6600
Ram: 4Gb PC 10666 at 1333 MHz bus in this case also ryed 1066 MHz bus.
GK: 2 ATI 3870 512GB Cross Fire. But in this case only 1 card.
HDD: 1: 320GB SATA. 2: 120GB SATA and 1: 120GB IDE ata HDD al are Western Digital.
2 USB HDD 1: 500GB and 1: 1T. the last is SATA. But the these were not connecded at the time of W7 install.

Sorry for my bad English.

I have looked around this forum and I see that the dvd may be burn at 1X speed. I used 8X on my dvd.
If this but if this dont help, what shal I do then?

I downloaded the W7 Ultimate 64 on site.

If this fix the problem, then I wil report back with good news.

if U gays on the forum has other solutions, please tell.

Now it works. I burned the DVD on 4X, the lowest speed on the option.
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