Set time frame for windows system downloads

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My ISP lmits my download to almost nothing, except for three hours in the early morning. I have a monitor in my notification area that tells how many MB I have left (this is from the ISP), and during the day with nothing running my MB slowly drops. I installed NetBalancer, to see where all the download was going, and all I can find downloading is Windows Update, and System Resources. At least for the most part that is.
So my question is, Is there any way to limit Windows Update, and other Windows Systems to downloading only during those three hours? I have Windows Update setting set to only Install at 4:00am. But it still downloads during the day. So is there any thing I can do, a reg edit, or something?

Joe S

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What do you have for AV and spyware? Some of them check for updates frequently. A lot of software automatically checks for updates when you open it. Look through your software in things like Adobe, Roxio, Acronis , VMware all check automatically.

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The problem I'm talking about is after eliminating all other programs. It is the process that specifically show as "System Resources", or "Window Update", or "Svcehst.exe" that I'm trying to control. I have managed to control the other things to my satisfaction.

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