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I have a Del mini laptop with W7 starter. I want to be able to access some folders on it from other computers on my wireless peer-to-peer network. The two W7 PCs of the network are set to "work", not to a "home", because 2 of my 4 PCs are not W7. But my W7 pro computer can't see the mini's folders unless I permit them for "everybody". I can't find a folder permission setting for what I want, which is to just permit access from specified computers or from specified user names.

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Windows 7 Homegroup allows to share Pictures/Music/Videos/Documents/Printers. You can put any files or folders inside these listed.

You can right click on a file or folder > Properties > Sharing > Advanced Sharing > Permissions > Set sharing access level for everyone as well as for other users you can add (Add > advanced > find > select a user to add):

Full Control


To prevent specific files or folders from being shared (after creating or joining a homegroup)

Keep specific files and folders from being shared with a homegroup

1. Click the Start button , and then click your user name.

2. Navigate to the file or folder you want to exclude from sharing, and then select it.

3. Do one of the following:

• To prevent the file or folder from being shared with anyone, in the toolbar, click Share with, and then click Nobody.

• To share the file or folder with some people but not others, in the toolbar, click Share with, click Specific people, select each person you want to share with, and then click Add. Click Share when you are finished.

• To change the level of access to a file or folder, in the toolbar, click Share with, and then select either Homegroup (Read) or Homegroup (Read/Write).

Thanks cybercore. But as I said, I do not have a homegroup. But maybe I should reconsider the way I have set up my peer-to-peer network.

I have two W7 PC's (starter & Pro), one XP Pro, and one Win98SE. If I interpret the instructions correctly, I cannot have non W7 OS's on a homegroup. So I set the two W7 PC's as workgroup members so all four computers access the same network name.

Question1 - Is it possible to have a homegroup interface between the two W7's and still have them connect to the other PCs - like having two networks going among the four machines?

Question2 - What is the best way for me to share files among these four computers?

Question3 - What is the technical difference between homegroup and workgroup?

Stan Hilliard

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