Setting up network bt Seven and Vista

First off, I am VERY new to networking, so you can't over explain anything to me.

I am trying to set up a network between a Windows 7 PC (call it PC-1) and a Windows Vista PC (call it PC-2).

PC-1 has a backup drive, which is backed up nightly. So I want to have a folder on this PC which I can access from the PC-2, so that it is still backed up each night.

I Googled how to do this, and I found out how to create the Shared Folders between the two. Couple issues with this. PC-1 can see a shared folder on PC-2, which is ok if it has to be that way, but I'm just trying to avoid confusion, and would like a single shared location.

The other issue is this. If I have a txt file in the shared folder on PC-1, and it's open, and I then try to open it from PC-2, it opens with no problems, but not as read-only. So PC-2 is not alerted that PC-1 has it open. And either one can then save changes, so it seems like that could be a real mess.

Is this a lot more complicated than I'm thinking???

Thanks in advance!

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