Setup could not find a file or the specified path or disc. (Medieval II)

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    I know this isen't the right place for this but no one else will help.

    So I bought this like a year ago and only had the basic Medieval installed (Without kingdoms) I got into it again and wanted to play it with kingdoms so I deleted Medieval and tried reinstalling it again. Im not good with computers at all but I have Windows 7 and I played it on this computer before and I have a good computer so I know it's compatible.

    I put the Cd in and click the green launch Icon and the main menu comes up. I click install then it comes up with the four total wars and I check all of them and click next, and then when I get to the next page it asks me to put in disc 2 and select where I would like to install it. I put in the Cd and then pick where to install it (Default is the CD it is being installed from) I have tried my C drive and my external drive but neither works. A error message pops up and says Setup could not find a file or the specified path or disc. Please check that the proper disk is insert or specify new path.

    (sorry for long post about something so simple but this is really making me mad [​IMG] )
    Thanks in advance!
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    Any chance your second CD is bad or dirty? Do you only have the 2 CDs?

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