Setup.exe won't load

My sister and I are trying to install old games to her computer. Unfortunately, every time we try to install games such as Sims 1 and Caesar 3, both games' setup.exe won't load at all. The computer acts busy but the installation setup won't load no matter how long we wait. We tried many times like running as admin and playing it for XP in compatability mode but still no luck. We're installing it in Windows 7 Ultimate.

Both games install and work well in Vista, however.


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A little more info is needed. What is the bitness of the Win 7 installation (x86 or x64) Control Panel, System should give you this info. I suspect your Vista installation was a 32 Bit (x86) installation and your Win 7 installation is a 64 Bit (x64) installation. These games are perhaps older 16 Bit games which will most likely not work on a x64 bit Win 7 installation. You could always try the games in a virtual machine environment (VMWare or VirtualBox) or if you have a Win 7 Pro version or higher in XP Mode.

Both are 32 bit. I'll try VMWare though.

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