setup is preparing your computer for first time use

Hi all,
I have Windows 7 installed on my computer. For some reason I keep getting the "setup is preparing your computer for first time use" on every boot. Everything works fine. No data is lost it's just the message. windows works fine after that

How can I stop it?


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Do you still have any install devices plugged in, like a flash drive?

Try hitting F8 on boot, then do a normal boot or boot to save mode and check the device manager. Someone the other day just hit F8 and the system continued, but I am not sure you have the same problem.

I don't have a problem as I said, after the splash screen appears - The preparing screen - Everything runs normally. My Windows is for some reason thinks this is my boot screen. I don't have any devices plugged in (Other than my HDD and DVD - which is empty).

But I'll try the F8 thing if it works

Mine started to do the same thing immediately after I changed the Windows log on screen to my own picture. Nothing else seemed to change, so I don't worry about it. I haven't tried to change back to see if it logs on normally, but remember to always use the KISS System. My forehead is flat from slapping it all the times that I forgot...

was that an upgrade installation?

Try a repair install from CD to fix the issue - always the easiest/quickest way before doing intestine surgery

In my case, I don't have a disk. Win 7 was pre-installed on the laptop I bought. I could probably do a system restore or a recovery with the HP utility for that purpose, but that brief message at boot is the only symptom I've seen. It's not an issue with me. I just wanted to tell ComputerJy what seemed to cause it on this machine.

What really is an issue with me is the is the inability to turn off "auto-arrange" in the Win 7 Explorer folders. I believe I've found a work-around for this though. I'm going to try it tomorrow & post the link here if it works.

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Im having the same exact problem. i had to reformat my computer due to some 9 year old hacker. everything runs fine now exept for when i boot up my laptop (toshiba) it goes to a screen that says, "setup is preparing your computer for first use." after that it logs in to my administrator account and runs fine. but i would rather not wait for my computer to take time to THINK its doing something when its not. how do i stop it? (any advice would be greatly appreciated).

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