Setup Is Starting Services Windows 7 Help Needed?

Hello Windows 7 Forums, A short while ago my family members told me the computer has apparantly stopped working, and I went over to see if I was able to fix it. Upon starting my computer I get a loading bar with a heading reading "Setup Is Starting Services " and after about 3 or 4 seconds, a pop up shows reading something along the lines of Setup Cannot Install Windows, Please Restart Computer to Complete Installation. However when I restart my computer as instructed the same loading bar and pop up telling me to continuously restart is shown again. I am not sure what my younger siblings did to the computer. Id like to add that my computer was purchased in 2010, and during that time my family has lost our Windows 7 Home Premium stuff. Is that what is needed? Just a 13 year old boy trying to get help to not bother my parents to go get it fixed. Please answer back soon I will look at this thread actively. Thank you.


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Do as salt suggested and remeber if you use the ISO from the above link it will only have generic windows driver. You may have to go to your PC's makers site to get specific drivers.

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