Windows 7 Setup stops loading installation complete?


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Hi all. I don't know if somebody allready got this issue but I havent found anything on the forum.

I did a clean install from xp and the installation went ok but when the computer restarts and the green dots start to loadning and finaly come to what a suppose is the desktop it stops loading. All I can see is a black screen with the evaluation copy build text in the bottom right corner nothing else.

I tried to reboot and start again in failsafe settings but then a errormessage appears and says installation is not complete, please restart your computer.

Anyone knows what to do?

I'll guess that I have to reinstall or format and start from sratch again?
unplug any usb devices and if you have a sound card installed remove it. Would help if you posted specs and there are many other threads with same issue.
hey i have the same problem !

im @ work so dunno my precise hardware..

MB : Asus maximus formula
proc : Intel E6750 @ 3GHz
Mem : 2x 1GB and 2x 2Gb
HD : WD velociraptor 150GB 10.000rpm
Soundcard : Came with Motherboard, small soundcard on pci 1x

tried it with 2 different beta's, didnt try yet with the RC candidate.