Several different ram types not working on Asus Rampage Extreme III motherboard, please help.

Hi there pepz.

Here comes my story.

Recently i build my self a new computer have been doing this for years now, so nothing new to me.

the problems started when i when into the bios after completing the build and starting up for the first time.

i saw that the bios only found either 4080, or 6130, ram depending on how i switched them around, did alot of testing and found the motherboard to be fault, cause of some bent CPU pins, the motherboard then got RMA'ed.

got the new motherboard, still same type a few days ago, and thought everything to be bliss, i fired up the machine, and STILL it wouldn detect my ram, i then tested the ram alot over the next few days, and found them to be faulty, couldn run memtest on one of the dimms, they also got RMA'ed, in the meantime, i then got my self some other ram, so that i could test to see if it was the motherboard i was to blame still, well guess what these ram also dont get detected for there full amount.

the first ram kit, was from corsair, 3X2 GB triple channel kit, Dominator GT edtion, those were the ones that got RMA'ed.

the second kit, also from corsair is the more mainstream gamer kit XMS 6X2 GB tripple channel kit.

so the only thing i can think of to blame now, must be the CPU that somehow ****s the system up.

do you have any experince with the problems im having ? if so please do comment and try to help me out as im running out of ideas and patience with this faulty build.

Build consist of:

Motherboard: Asus Rampage extreme III ( have had 2 of em, one got RMA'ed and the other is in the computer now.)
Memory at the moment is these HX3X12G1600C9, and the ones that got RMA'ed is these CMG6GX3M3A2000C8.
Harddisk: Intel SSD for System, and a Western digital veloci raptor for space.
Soundcard is from Auzentech, there Xfi Forte.
Graphic card is a ATI Radeon 5970 black edition, the ones with 2 GPU'es.
Chassis - Corsair Obsidian 800D.
PSU - From coolermaster there silent pro 1000W.

Last but not least, a Quick Question, if any have this board, would you the plug in the ekstra 2 EZ power connecters on the board, for exstra power to the graphic card ?.

Any help would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Roughneck,
Firstly on the extra power connectors re' graphics.. They are to be used when either a double or triple crossfire set up is employed.
As for the RAM not being seen properly: Have you updated the Bios at all? I only say this as it wasn't mentioned. Sometimes a bios update is needed for full functionality and boards even when new don't always have the latest bios.

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When "Market Pro" was still putting on Computer Shows here in FL, I assisted a gentleman who sold ram and was quite expert at what ram works where.

I remember there was one type of ram that absolutely would not work in Asus mobo's.
It's been too long now and I don't remember just what it was. But That may be your problem.
I have no problems matching ram to a PC if I go to the Crucial website "" and download and take their scan test. It will tell you exactly what type and how much ram your computer will take. They use only first grade Micron chips and you can even buy the ram right there and pay for it with a CC or PayPal and have it shipped directly to your home.

NO, I have no affiliation with Crucial. I just trust them, after years of using them to provide me and my customers with top quality ram.
I've gotten burned too many times in the past with second grade ram, mostly from companies that use (at least some) refurbished ram.

Good Luck to you,

Thanks for the replies.

First of to kemical, well yeah i forgot to mention, ive have upgraded the bios to lastest version, on both the boards i have, so thats not the issue.

well ill try the scanner and see what it says.

its just i wouldn want to buy another motherboard, which would mean ive wasted money in 2 Asus Rampage Extreme III boards which will be of no use to me if i cant get them to run properly.

i might add that the amount the BIOS sees at the moment is this odd number, 12280, which should have been 12288.

it did the same with the dominator kit from corsair.

Any suggestions ? ..


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Did you ensure the RAM was on the Rampage III Extreme Memory "Qualified Vendor List" as found on the Asus Website?

You might try Mushkin Enhanced RAM, very good and I have never, ever had a bad set or problems with it.

a lot of hi-speed ram have "bad" timings programmed in its SPD device - meaning that timing is plain wrong or too tight for some system boards. Usually easiest way out is set timing manually.

Firstly check if the auto timing (SPD) is the official timing for your ram - if not adjust it.

If the timing is correct and does not boot relax it a few clock cycles and try again. I saw lots of horses choking here :)

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