Several Problems

Firstly, many of my files and folders I can't access or change even though I'm administrator. I have the take ownership option but it doesn't always work.

When I manually set my computer to sleep it comes back on in a couple seconds to the login screen with the mouse disabled for 20 seconds or so. (one user with automatic login, why the login screen?).

My major problem is with my 3 Mobile Broadband, yesterday I was fiddling with customization and I was installing Grim's Ultimate Icon Pack - when it finished installing I restarted and then everything was black screened except for the turn off and start quickly buttons on the login screen (or what I assume it to be) when I pressed the "Make Windows 7 Easier To Use" it errored. Anyway, I did a system restore (Grim's didn't automatically backup so I had to go back 3 days, but hell he warned me) and when I tried to run the Mobile Broadband it gave me "Error 711:The operation could not finish because it could not start the Remote Access Connection Manager service in time." So I followed this guide You receive an "Error 711: Cannot load Remote Access Service Connection Manager" error message when you create a network connection up to the point where I was Starting the remote Access (Auto) Connection Manager and both gave me the error "Windows could not start the Remote Access Connection Manager service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start." I haven't found a solution for Windows 7 yet so please help.

EDIT: I have Windows 7 Ultimate and have had it for around a week.

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EDIT: Fixed the issue by upgrading my system with my Windows 7 cd (yes I was already running 7 Ultimate).

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