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    Feb 2, 2011
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    I was asked to help with a network access problem:

    (All computers are Windows 7)

    They first had 4 computers where one of them acted as a server and all other computers could access the "server's" C:\Program Files (Yeah, I know, a suicidal idea). It was required by a dedicated software that was installed on the "server" and could be used by the other computers. They asked me to add another computer (W7) to the network and to map it to the "server's" C drive, which worked fine, but for some reason I couldn't access the "server's" Program Files when all the other computers could.

    I couldn't find what is different between the first 3 and the last one.

    The "share" permission on the C drive is set to "full" for the "Everyone" group

    Any Ideas?



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