Share Specific folder with a Specific computer on the network

In Windows 7 (home premium) I can't figure out how to share a folder with one computer on the network (as opposed to all the computers or the entire homegroup.
First, I've turned off password protected sharing.
When I try to share with specific people all I get in the local computer users, everyone, and guest.
When I go to advance sharing and try to set permissions I can't locate the other computer. When I click locations all that comes up is the local computer/user so I can't find the other computer that way.

The network looks good. I mean I instantly see the other computer when I click network, and both computers have been added to the homegroup.

any help greatly appreciated


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Typically in a workgroup / homegroup environment network access to shared resources (files, folder, printers) are granted on the basis of usernames and passwords (not computer names).
In order for this to work as seemlessly as possible insure both computers have the user accounts and passwords configured identically on both computers then when sharing pick "share with"->"specific people" and choose that user from the drop down list.
Alternately you may also be able, when prompted for credentials, type the MachineName\Username in the username box and then the password for that user on that machine (the machine on which the resource resides) check the box that says remember credentials.

Sharing with everybody, somebody—or nobody

Homegroups offer a fast and convenient way to automatically share music, pictures, and more. But what about files and folders that aren't automatically shared? Or what do you do when you're at the office?
That's what the new Share with menu is for.

Share with menu

You can use the Share with menu to select individual files and folders and share them with others. The options you'll see in the menu depend on what type of item you've selected and what type of network your computer is connected to. (If you're not sure what type of network you have, see What is the difference between a domain, a workgroup, and a homegroup?)
The most common menu options are:

  • Nobody. This option makes an item private so only you have access.
  • Homegroup (Read). This option makes an item available to your homegroup with read-only permission.
  • Homegroup (Read/Write). This option makes an item available to your homegroup with read/write permission.
  • Specific people. This options opens the File Sharing wizard, so you can choose particular people to share with.


If a file or folder isn't shared and you choose to share it with Nobody, you'll be asked if you want to stop sharing. Don't worry, the file or folder wasn't initially shared. In this case, you're simply confirming that you want to continue not sharing the file.

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