Share with specific people doesn't work!!


I have two Windows 7 PCs. I use PC1 to create a homegroup and have PC2 to join the homegroup. I followed the video posted on Microsoft website and thought it would be easy to share a folder between two PCs. After I did all that, I can see both PC-1 and PC-2 under full network map (PC-1 and PC-2 > Switch > Router > Internet).

Now I went to PC-1, select a folder, go to share with and share with specific people. In Microsoft’s video, you can see all people in your homegroup and select one of them but I see nobody. I don’t even have “to find one” option under the drop down menu. I searched help and it says I have to create an online account. If it is required step, why Microsoft didn’t put that in the video?

Anyway, I finally manually added PC1 by typing “PC1” (computer name not user account) and successfully share a folder and I can see that folder from PC1. Again, I asked myself, it I have to do it manually, why Microsoft didn’t include that in the video? The story continues.

When I went back to PC1, double click the folder, it says access is denied. Again, according to MS help, I have to turn off password protection and join on line account.

At this point, I’m so freaking confused. First, my friend can easily do that without turning password protection off. Second, again, if it is required, why didn’t Microsoft included that in the tutorial?

Can someone help? All I wanted is to have a share folder….


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"If password-protected sharing is turned on, the person you want to share with must have a user account and password on your computer for access to shared items. Password-protected sharing is located in Control Panel under Advanced sharing settings. It's turned on by default." SOURCE = Windows Help and Support.
I believe for the "Specific Person" drop down list to be populated it would require you to add account to the local machine, which of course common usernames and passwords across networked machines will often prove expedient when accessing shared resources. Otherwise, I think generally home groups sharing is accomplished throught the use of share with ->homegroup->read or share with->homegroup->read / write.
Hope this helps

I'll try it tonight!! Thanks!!

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