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I need to transfer data (files and folders) to SharePoint Online and OneDrive as we do our office 365 migration. Currently, we are looking at Sharegate but the price and amount of work involved are a bit more than we want to spend in terms of budget. Was hoping to find something a lot more straightforward.

I already posted on many sites and hope to find the answer here
Sarah Watson
Hi Neemobeer , In our case, our user mailboxes are done by third-party consultants and they are paid to get that project completed.
For data migration to OneDrive and SharePoint is a different deal. We cannot have the consultants do it as we cannot abide by a certain time frame and the bill would be very expensive for them if we prolong the project. We will need to work with different departments and different users to manage the data migration. Thus, we need to do it ourselves.
Hi Neemobeer
I found Gs Richcopy360 on the "Spiceworks" community, and it works fine at a very low cost compared to Sharegate. Thanks for trying to help
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