sharing a printer with a MAC


I have a mac laptop and a windows 7 PC. I cannot add my shared printer from the MAC. I have tried everything.

Does anyone have a MAC that has printing working via a windows 7 PC?

Thanks for the link but I need to share it the other way around.

The printer is hooked up to my windows box.

Mac can't see Windows 7 printer

I have a Canon PIXMA MP780 attached to a PC via USB. I could print to it from my Mac when it had XP. Since upgrading to Windows 7, the Mac cannot see the homegroup or either of the Windows 7 PCs and I'm unable to add the printer. I opened a ticket with Microsoft and received abysmal support. Clearly, this is some sort of network setting but I've tried everything I could find and have been unable to make the Mac and PCs see each other. All ideas welcome...

I know this is an old topic, but I just thought I would give my answer.
I have a Windows 7 PC, and had a printer hooked up to it via USB. The PC is hooked to our router, and so are our two other computers.
My second computer is a PC running windows XP.
My third computer is a Mac.
I 'shared' our printer on our win 7, and so I could access it on our XP, but not on our mac. After hours of going through forum and forums trying every single thing that everyone said to do, I called Apple Support.
They told me that sharing a printer for a windows 7 to a mac wasn't they're problem and they said to contact my printer manufacturer. So I called HP, they told me that they couldn't do anything for me and that all I had to do was buy a wireless printer.
So I came I ended up coming to this conclusion:
Solution #1 - Buy an Apple AirPort router (it has a special printer share usb plug) (100$)
Solution #2 - Buy a wireless printer (ranges between 200$ - 400$)
Solution #3 - (what I did) (0$) Plug your printer via USB to your mac. Sharing with the windows computer then takes 30 seconds to set up. Just open Control Panel>Printers>Add printer (one of the buttons on the top). Then follow the onscreen instructions , Select network printer, (then it shows the computers on the network), select the one that you want, click next, install the appropriate driver, and BINGO! its done. :)
(This is assuming that all of your computers are already hooked up to your network)

Hope this helped,

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