Windows 7 sharing ad hoc internet connection problem


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Apr 22, 2009
Hi there,

apology on the multiple thread started if its the same problem

i used to setup a ad-hoc network on my laptop to share my 3G mobile connection with my wife's laptop

but since a system update for windows 7 a few days ago, my created ad-hoc network didnt show the "share internet connection" option after creating the temp ad-hoc network and until now i still cant figure out whats wrong with it and couldnt share the internet connection with another system

the ad-hoc wireless network connection, both the IPV6 IPV4 is "local" only. and even i set up the sharing of internet connection on the wireless adapter and my 3G internet connection


put it simple

missing ICS button after creating a ad-hoc network:redface:
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i have already set up an ad hoc internet fact, everything seems to be well except that the other laptop i connected to the host computer still cannot access the internet...the status both in the host and other laptop is both connected...the network access in the host computer is with internet access but still i cannot share the internet connection...

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