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Sharing and Saving Documents in non-default folders

I have 3 computers. Computer A is a [COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important][COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]desktop[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] runing Windows 7 Professional. Computer B is a desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium. Computer C is a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. FIOS is connected to Computer A. A Network of all 3 computers and a Homegroup have been set up from Computer A.

We use Office 2010, mostly Word 2010 for our [COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important][COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]word [/FONT][COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]processing[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] tasks.

I realize that with a Homegroup, you can create a Word 2010 [COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important][COLOR=#0072BC ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]document[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] on Computer A, save it to the default location (Libraries/Documents), then open that document on Computer B, make changes to it, save it to the default location, and then open that same document on Computer A, which will show the saved changes made on Computer B.

I would like to know if a Word 2010 document can be created on Computer A, then be saved to a specific folder - not a default saving location - on Computer B, so that the user on Computer B can modify the document, save it to a specific folder - not the default saving location - so that the user on Computer A can open the document from its specific folder and view the saved changes.

Would this involve advanced sharing, or permissions, or some type of change on the network?

Any answers or help would be appreciated.



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Typically what you are attempting, can be accomplished by using the File->Save As function from within any of the applications within the Microsoft Office Suite. When you choose Save As, you should be able to browse to any preferred location that is available to you either on your local computer or on a network location or mapped network drive that you have access to. Accessing a shared location on the network or a mapped network drive can be accomplished by configuring the appropriate share permissions as well as NTFS permission under the Security Tab of the Share Properties.
Hope this helps

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