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I'm sharing a folder on the network from a Vista Business SP1 box. I have 5 users running XP Pro desktops who connect to it. This has been in a stable state for the last 6 weeks.

However, intermittantly the users will lose connection to that folder & also the printer (although I can still access the file server remotely via Remote Desktop). This happened once on Friday & then all ok until today when it has happened twice.

A reboot of the file server will resolve the issue but obviously it shouldn't screw up in the first place - & that should be a last resort.

I've checked that all the sleep / hibernate options are off so it shouldn't be doing anything nasty like that for the disks, systems & NIC.

Any thoughts would be greatly received.



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Have you checked Windows firewall on all of these machines? I would also check the LAN connectivity by pinging the server (in this case Vista Business) via the command console to check for packet loss. I.E.:

Run -> cmd
ping -n 10000 IP address of share

You could also try this from the server to the IP of each machine that is having difficulties, thus eliminating the possibility of any problems with the physical connections to these PC's.

If you do receive packet loss you may have faulty cabling or a bad router.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have been able to ping the clients & also from the clients to the server. When on the server I can remote desktop out to the client machines. I haven't had a chance to check RD'ing from the client to the server yet but I'm hoping to do that today as & when the fault occurs.

However, this was only at the time of the problem. I'll try the extended test to check that side.

I have reset the router & the switches to be on the safe side.


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