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I'm in trouble with three things.
1) I have to create shared folder where I can only put information and everyone else can just read it. Till this moment it's ok, but I have to configure this folder while there aren't connected other computer in network with this one, so is group "everyone" responsible for every connected computer in network? I mean, if I give "read" permission to group "everyone" than that is also including every other computer which is on wired network?

2) How to create shared folder on one computer where everyone from other computers can create there own folders in this one and put their files there and only they can edit and view their created folders?

3) How to create shared folder where everyone can put their files in but they can't take them out or read any of the files? Ok - I understand how to do this but again from question 1, is group "everyone" responsible for all connected computers in network?

Sorry if there are some mistakes - English is not my native language - and if there is any misunderstanding about my questions, please let me know, I have to solve this problem as fast as I can.

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There is no easy, simple or fast way of doing what you are trying to accomplish. Especially without the presence of an Active Directory Domain Controller.
You will need to include all the usernames and passwords of the potential "users" who are going to be coming at your machine hosting the shared resources onto your machine in order to support Passthrough authentication.
Then you are going to need to create the folder structure that you've outlined above and explicitly grant the appropriate permissions to the appropriate user to a particular file or folder. You are going to need to understand some fundamentals of both Share Permissions and NTFS (security) permissions and how they impact network resources when combined and you are going to need to understand inheritance and how to break it, in order to support the kind of access you indicate in your OP.
Basically shared permissions = full control to the everyone group, then use NTFS Security Permissions to affect the granular assigning of specific permissions Full vs. Read Only. You need to know that these originate from the parent container and are inherited by child containers and you will need to break any such inheritance in order to get where you want to go. I would suggest starting by building a Parent Host Share and then adding a couple child shares with a couple text files, nothing critical, and experiment as to how to proceed.
This might help you understand as well TechExams.Net - MCSA/MCSE 70-290 TechNotes: Shared Folder and NTFS Permissions
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Ah, I thought so it won't be that easy. Anyway, thanks for the link - I will definitely read it.

Hello again!
There is somehow possible to give permissions to one folder where other users from same or different computer can create there own folder but only they can edit there own created folders and copied/created files?

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