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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by greqqstar, Dec 15, 2009.

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    I have 1 main PC, 1 laptop, and my mom had the same laptop.
    All on Windows7 64bit

    My PC is wired and the laptops are wireless.

    I have an external hard drive on my pc that i want to share with my laptop, so i can listen to mu music and watch my movies without tranfering them to my laptops hdd.

    And i've tried so hard to make sharing work between my PC and my laptop, both nothing seems to work,
    they are both in the same workgroup, i even renamed it to 'WORKGROUPGREGG'..

    Main PC :
    Laptop : (yes this one is in dutch but i dont think this matters?)

    Is it a known problem that wired machines cant share with wireless machines? or is there something wrong here? :/

    *Also, i can't ping from one machine to another, it says timed out ..
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    I have much the same problem - so much for the uSoft claim that they've made networking simpler in Windows 7.

    Before I upgraded the Laptop to Windows 7, my Desktop (Windows 7) could read/write to the old Laptop (XP) and visa versa.
    Initially, I thought I just go about setting things up using the Local Network as per XP but although the Desktop could see the Laptop it was refused access (Windows cannot access \\Laptop\\Images).
    The Laptop can read/write from the Desktop with all shared partitions & files.

    I decided to go the Homegroup way & set up the Destop & Laptop with identical passwords with no difference.

    I've read the uSoft guide ( - MAKES IT LOOK SO EASY - but still the Desktop cannot access the Laptop.

    For the life of me I cannot see where I'm going wrong.
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