Sharing Internet connecting over Ad Hoc by bridging adapters


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[The System: Pc, Windows 7 Ult 64b, Network Card, Regular PPPoE with Modem, Wireless Card, Ipod Touch]

Hello Guys

I've been trying to set up a shared internet connection by Ad Hoc for my PC and Ipod and came to a stumble. Now the Ad Hoc itself works easily, as I've tested it with a SFTP connection, but the internet just doesn't seem to flow. As for settings I am not using ISC (already tried, didn't work), but bridging the adapters. On paper it all seems fine, but when applying the actual connection, the Broadband Connection gets disconnected. Then when reconnected, the wireless gets disconnected.

I wonder if anyone could share some light on this for me :)

Also, a bonus question, the Network Bridge Connection at IPv4 Connectivity says there's no network access, is that a problem?


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