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So, i have a usb network device, installed it, got the driver working, got zydas working (the software), and then i set the usb dongle as an access point. I press on my current connection, and do "allow other people to access the internet through this computers connection" , but whenever i try to connect to the internet that the dongle is sending out with my psp or ps3 or anything, it times out getting IP Address. So i dont know what to do....It used to work in XP fine, but now for some reason i cant get it to share the internet...can anyone help me?


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So let me get this right you have a single usb dongle internet device being shared (ICS on the dongle enabled) to console via a ethernet or wifi connection to/from the PC acting as gateway? Also check the IP address for the PC to Console has changed to something like and the console would be

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Well, my PC is connected to a network, and i want to use the "wifimax' (the usb dongle) as a "router". I have it configured correctly to my knowledge, and yes i have ICS enabled...whenever i try to connect to the network though, the one that the wifi max is sending out, it says "ip address timed out". So i guess that means that im not sharing the network that my comp is on correctly with the usb dongle? It worked in XP fine, but in XP i bridged the shared network with the one the dongle was sending out, but in 7, i cant bridge a shared network apparently...


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ok have you checked firewall rules are correct...Win7's requires both Inbound & outbound rules unlike XP

ok have you checked firewall rules are correct...Win7's requires both Inbound & outbound rules unlike XP
Well, i have windows firewall disabled, as i am using Kaspersky internet security. It does have a firewall, but even when i disabled the kaspersky firewall, it still would not work. Unless, even though i disabled the windows firewall, it is still working somehow.

Wow..i just checked the windows firewall inbound/outbound thing, and there is ALOT in there...i dont really know what i have to have enabled in order for this to work =/

So no one knows the settings i need under my firewall so that i can share the current connection with my usb dongle?

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