Sharing newly created files is slow between windows 7 computers

New files written into a shared folder on a windows 7 computer are not recognized immediately by a program running in another window7 computer. The programs are written in C/C++ and use the open or _stat functions. It take nearly 10 seconds to open a newly created file from another windows 7 computer.

If the either computer is running XP, new files are recognized immediately.

If the shared folder is being actively displayed on the client computer (computer running the c/c++ program), newly created files are recognized in about one second (same time as it takes for the new file to show up in folder window).

If the shared file(s) exist when the c/c++ program starts, the files are accessed immediately.

The c/c++ program is build with My normal program is complicated and uses MFC. I made a simple Console Application that just tries to Open or _Stat (get file status). Both programs act the same. That is newly created files on the other computer are not recognized for about 10 seconds.

I have gotten past all the network access, permissions, etc. of Windows7. It works just like my XP systems, except for this slow recognition of new files.

Just to see if my problem is related to my window7 computers/network configuration, if got a friend with another company, run my test programs on his windows 7 machines.

Exact same result.

Any ideas?

I finally had to call a friend inside microsoft. My problem is real, but will not be fixed until Windows 8.

I was told that I could mimic the effect of having the windows explorer actively monitoring the shared folder, by using the FindCloseChangeNotification function.

This function is explained at:

Obtaining Directory Change Notifications (Windows)

It does work, but is an annoying kludge.

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