Sharing XP Mode printer with Windows 7

I have a printer (Xerox WorkCentre PE220) that doesn't yet have Windows 7 drivers.
Managed to work around that by using Windows Virtual PC and installing XP Mode.
Problem is I need to start Windows XP Mode whenever I want to use the printer.
Is there anyway to share the Printer from XP Mode with Windows 7 desktop?


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No one with an answer?


I have the same problem with my Canon Printer.
No x64 drivers, but runs in XP mode.
I haven't found a way to get to it from windows 7.
If I keep my printer, my only choice now is to install openoffice in XP mode and either create the documents in MS office in windows 7 and open them again in openoffice to print
or open/create/print the documents with openoffice in XP mode.:frown:

Thanks Drew;
That was what I meant by the second option.
I should of been more detailed.
"whilst in XP, find files in the Win7 machine", open them in open office "& print them out of the XP vm".
This is what I am doing currently.
Do you have a utility that lets me "find the files .... & print them" without needing the office package installed in XP vm?

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