shift and control key brings me to taskbar

ok so this is kind of odd. yesterday randomly two or three times when i hit shift and a number it brought me to the windows taskbar and opened up the application of the corresponding number in line. eg my second program on the taskbar is windows media, so whenever i hit shift 2 or control 2windows media comes on. the start menu also randomly comes up as i am typing. im just wondering how i can fix this. thank you very much for your help

There is nothing needing to be fixed. :p W/out realizing what you are doing you are employing Windows 7 Keyboard shortcuts.

Windows key + a number will open whatever is sitting on the Taskbar as it corressponds, left to right to that #. Obviously this means Windows Media Player is sitting on your Taskbar in the 2nd position from the left.
Hitting the Windows key will bring up the Start Menu.
There are many other handy keyboard shortcuts... just gotta be careful not to use them when you don't really intend.


Yeah but I'm not pressing the windows key at all


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That's irritating! What happens if you DO use the Windows key shortcuts?


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WinLogo+SHFT+number and WinLogo+CTRL+number will do the same, so maybe the WinLogo key on your keyboard is shorted\stuck. To rule out keyboard problem, connect a different keyboard and try.

Why are you clicking the SHFT+number combo? Do you have a keyboard shortcut program installed like Autohotkey or Autoit? Maybe someone messed with the code. If you do, try disabling the code and see if the problem goes away.

Do you have keyboard software installed? The 'Defaults' of the keyboard can be modified w/ that. There's 1 for K/Bs & 1 for mice.

Anyway, if, indeed, it's doing abnormal, unrequested stuff whimsicly... Did this just start recently? Could a Sys Restore be tried?

If, it's a pre-loaded brand name PC, there are 'F' keys to initiate Recovery. This draws from a partition on the HDD. When done there are 2 approaches... we'll call Ful & Partial... 2 routes or options. Partial leaves added personals data intact & untouched. Full wipes the C:\ drive... both put the OS Back to Factory. BTW, Full & Partial, I just use here to get to point across,forget actual wording. W/ Full, wanted data must be extracted 1st to be replaced after the recovery is competed. Any programs, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photo Shop, games or whatever, would need to be reloaded.

I say this because, from this vantage point, I feel the repair is in the above. Although, run Malwarebytes, 1st. It feels like more than keyboard settings. What really throws me off, is the fact that you are not touching the Windows key... Shift + # , ah, no. I had to read you description a couple more times.

Is it wireless? Are the batteries good? Have you spilt anything on it? Is there dirt in it?


After playing with it for a while last night, it turns out the windows key is sticking. i ust removed the key until i can get a new one this weekend lol. thanks a bunch for the help

Ah ha! All makes a lot more sense now :rolleyes:


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Never put drinks next to a keyboard. Dry spilled coffee on a keyboard will do this to you! :)

p.s. Buy a single key? Some of those sites are not legit. You could get one off ebay (they sell the weirdest stuff!) but I would get a new keyboard. Or, better yet, just open some screws, wash the keyboard with some water and it should be as good as new. I have done this many times. (Yes, I put coffee next to me keyboard... don't do what I do!!) Here are some videos showing you how to do this:

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Dust OFF, Q-tips, an upside-down shake, periodic TLC... the idea is (now, likely) coming clear, me thinks :angel_smile:;)


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OMG. "Never put drinks next to a keyboard" - I'd never survive!!!!


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Like I said, I also put drinks next to my keyboard. Just be prepared to buy at least 1 new keyboard a year. If you have little kids at home... 2 - 4 keyboards a year.


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Alternatly you could buy a spill proof keyboard :p


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Never put drinks next to a keyboard.
I knocked my desk with my knee. My Maglite (for searching inside my case) did a forward 2½ somersaults in the pike position dive from the shelf into my coffee cup, displacing the contents of said coffee cup over my keyboard. Next day after 3 hours of cleaning I had a working torch and keyboard again!


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If you open up most keyboards, you will see that there is usually some thin rubber partition that separates the plastic keys from the electronic mechanism, making it relevantly easy to wash the plastic keys in water, dry them and reassemble the keyboard with no problem.

Unless you're a huge geek and use your keyboard in the bathroom and it fell into a toilet... you should be good to go!

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