Shortcut elevation broken (f.e. right click - run as administrator)

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    Hello there!
    For some reason after upgraing my W7 RC to W7 Trial (i understand i'm not supposed to do that but the problem is interesting nevertheless) i got strange error:
    I can't elevate shortcuts. At all. If i right-click on a shortcut and select 'run as administrator' - nothing happens. If i use command line 'elevate' tool - nothing happens too. No error, just nothing happens.
    BUT if i check box 'run as administrator' in shortcut properties - i have an prompt on its running and all is fine!

    It have some consequences like being unable to do 'my computer - right click - manage' - i got elevate prompt and nothing after it. Although console snapin itself works fine (if i start it directly).
    Looks like problem is somewhere in registry between shell extensions and elevate setting, but i do not have such knowledge. Another consequence, i suppose, is that new windows 7 feature of menu options on software in superbar (like WMP 'play all music') doesn't work either. Maybe it is due to failing elevation of shortcuts but i'm not sure.

    Second problem was being unable to create "new - shortcut" but i fixed it (look below):

    What i've tried:
    a) sfc /scannow - all ok
    b) .reg file from this thread (New Shortcut Fix - Vista Forums) - it fixed second problem
    c) creating new clean user - problem stays
    d) disabling UAC at all - then all 'consequences', of course, disappear.

    What do you think, guys?

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