Shortcut for sleep... not BIOS sleep, though.

Hopefully this isn't as hard to explain or understand as what I've made it out to be in my own head.

Anyway... I am trying to create a shortcut to put my pc (W7 x64) into sleep. Every single how-to that I can find on the internet, however, puts the PC into sleep at BIOS level. It isn't the same as clicking the "sleep" option in Windows 7. What I want is a way to put my PC into sleep the same as if I were clicking the "sleep" option in the start menu. Does anyone know how to do this?

1. PsShutdown :

EXTRAT the files to C:\PsTools\

For shutdown use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -k -t 00

For restart use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -r -t 00

For hibernate use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -h -t 00

For logoff use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -o -t 00

To lock the computer use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -l -t 00


2. Autohotkey :

Send {LWin Down}{Right}{Right}{S}




3. New Shortcut > rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

Instead of shortcut, you can press Win -> -> S (Press and hold down Win, then Right twice, then S).

Thanks cybercore! setsuspendstate 0,1,0 was the first option I tried... posted all over the internet. It looked like a bios level sleep option. Psshutdown worked amazingly for me, though.

The shortcut was actually for use with phonemypc so I can control my computer from my smartphone. That was one of the things that made finding a how-to so difficult. Keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work.

Again, Thanks!

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