shortcut to xp mode (strange result)


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I was missing a shortcut to IE on my VM (xp mode) so I created a shortcut using the wizard on my virtual machine. The name was IEplorer.exe. I renamed it in windows 7 to find it the easy way to internet explorer. But I have the following issue when I type in 'search programs and files' box the word inter only the result from window 7 are displayed (internet explorer, internet explorer (64 bit) and internet explorer (no add-ons)) But when I type in 'internet explorer ('
(name + first bracket) the shortcut is diplayed (internet explorer (windows XP mode). How can I resolve this?

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If you need to "search" for a short cut... it's not a shortcut anymore but a "long-cut" :) Just put the shortcut on your desktop or pin it to the taskbar so you won't have to search for it.