Shortcuts for VBA defined macros do not work

  • Can’t get shortcuts to call up certain macros. All macro’s can be executed from Menu>Developer>Macros. Shortcuts for simple insert commands such as date & time are okay!! Shortcuts for simple VBA-defined macros do not work!!. Is there an option that needs to be set?

    Win 7 x64 SP1


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What program are you using VBA in? Access, Excel... etc

Also, please post your macro code here.

Hi Zvit,

Using Word 2007. Will post the code below but this is generic for all VBA-defined macros.

You must be some kind of wizard!! It hasn't worked for months, but thought I'd give it another try before sending this off. Now it works!! Thanks.



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I doubt I'm a wizard since I didn't even start helping yet... but I like the wizard title! :)

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