Windows 7 Shortcuts on desktop suddenly gone


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As the title suggests, Windows 7 beta (not installed the RC yet) just removes, and I mean that as in delete, some of my shortcuts on my desktop after a random amount of time. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks. Thought it was some sort of cleanup feature, but there seems to be no such thing, except for the taskbar. I searched for the shortcuts directly on the harddrive, but they are simply deleted by the system. Also, the shortcuts were not "broken" in any way, they all had working links. This has happened several times and when it happens, it seems to remove random shortcuts.

Is this behaviour known and if so can I fix it? or is it fixed in the RC? It really is annoying to lose shortcuts, since I placed them there for a reason :)


No one seen this problem? Seriously?

Any MS technician care to elaborate?

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