Hello, I am using Windows Home Edition 7. What is happening is that, while writing anything in any application, some characters activate something to do something. It varies. For instance if I open a Browser window and the first letter I type is W then the browser window closes. Often I also get another screen come up that half covers what I'm doing and I have no idea why. There are so many I can only think that somehow I have activated a Shortcuts option and nit has been here a while now. Bit vague, Any ideas?

I was just logging in to say the same thing. Trying to type something. It took the B. When I typed "s" instead of entering the "s" it brought up One Note. When I typed another letter, I forgot which right now, instead of entering it into the box it brought up the box where I select 2 monitors, extended, etc. Not sure what is happening. It MAY happen when I use Dameware to send a CTRL-ALT-DELETE but I am not sure about that.
To be clear, I log into my machine, Dameware to another machine, send CTRL-ALT-DELETE and try to login. At least that happened around the time today. I can't remember the last few times this happened, whether I had the same problem. Are you using Dameware? Have you received any responses? (BTW my desk is Windows 7 and Dameware machine is Windows 10)

(It may have nothing to do with Dameware. I don't know for sure)

Hey Dude, I have no idea what Gameware is. So it can't be that. No other replies at all. I'm thinking it's too vague and there are so many options that people can't see what I'm trying to say. But I can tell you it's driving me crazy!!

Me too. I have the same problem. I think if you do ctrl-alt-delete and then cancel it will fix it? But that is a bandaid solution.

You're not in Naperville, IL, are you?


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Sounds like one of your command keys is stuck (ctrl, alt, shift, winkey). If you have another keyboard to try I'd start with that.

Sounds like one of your command keys is stuck (ctrl, alt, shift, winkey). If you have another keyboard to try I'd start with that.
. That's what I've been thinking but had no idea where to start. I'll try that and get back here. The winkey? The one with a Windows picture on it? It's a virgin, never used that one. Thanks.


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You can pull up OSK and see if any of those keys are lit.

Winkey + R. Type OSK

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