Should I custom wipe out Vista or upgrade?

Hi, I've had Windows Vista for a little over a year and I have been completely discontent with it. It's gotten so bad to the point that now everytime I start up, I get a bunch of random corrupt file messages, drivers that need to be reinstalled, etc. Also, over the course of time, a bunch of my folders and programs just become randomly corrupt and I have to reinstall them.

I am very happy that Windows 7 will be coming out in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering, will merely upgrading from Vista to Win7 while keeping all my files and programs intact fix my issues? Or should I play it safe by backing everything up and performing a custom install and wipe everything out and start fresh? Would doing this make a difference?

Also, if you guys do advise me to perform a custom install, I would want to get the Professional version since I currently have Home Premium right now. My other question is would installing Professional weigh down my computer more than Home Premium would? Would my computer be slightly slower because of the more powerful version of this OS?

Thank you very much for your help.


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Vista should not be doing that, obviously.

Mine runs perfectly , and is just as fast and responsive as 7 - boots a bit quicker, too.

There is something wrong with your current Vista installation.

There is no point in upgrading over a sick o/s. You may just import the malware, or whatever other corruption has been done to Vista - into your 7 upgrade.

Clean install is the way to go.

I don't think you will notice any difference in running Pro or Premium.

You might ask if you want the extra features. Unless you want to join a Domain server or like playing with gpedit, the other functions in Pro are easily bettered by free 3rd party apps you can use on Premium.

Thanks for the quick response. I see what you mean by carrying over all the problems from my current OS. I think I will go ahead with the clean installation then.

The particular feature from Pro that interested me was the remote desktop ability. The downloadable XP ability also caught my eye. Do you guys recommend it? Or should I just get Home and find 3rd party software that allows me to remotely access my PC?


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RDP -You can match this capability in Windows 7 Home Premium (or any edition) by installing any of several free versions of VNC.

This may be useful in helping decide :

Do you need more than Windows 7 Home Premium? | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

Don't let me put you off - you may think it's worth the extra.



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First, I don't think Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Pro is a valid upgrade therefore a clean install will be required.

Secondly, I agree with SIW2. If you are having corruption problems, you have a problem not necessarily related to Vista. Might be a driver problem, or a drive configuration problem, or a virus, or a hard drive going out, or some other things. You might want to check into this prior to upgrading.

Have you run a "SFC /scannow" system file check recently?

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