Should I Kill It ??? (Vista)


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Having (so far) two major problems w/ Vista (aside from all that permissions crapiola):

1) I cannot install Microsoft Streets & Trips

2) When I attempt to install Adobe Illustrator (CS3), I get a message that reads:
Windows Vista can only install one Adobe product at a time...please complete the other installation before attempting to install Illustrator CS3.

I've done the Windows Installer Clean-Up utility thing (& there are no other Adobe apps running during the installation attempt).


Can these issues be fixed ?

If not...can I still obtain XP Pro (& have it be official; & opperable) ?


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Note: [a little background...I had previously 'one' a digital audio workstation in my recording/mastering studio. It was also connected to the internet; & I wound up w/ a nasty back-door virus. Dedicated that machine (on the advice of its mfg.: ADK Pro Audio) as my studio's DAW; & went out & got the Compaq for the studio's office (& for graphics; the internet, etc.) came w/ Vista...which I sort-of don't like all that well. Well...I do...I can learn...but not w/o program compatibility w/ the above.]


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You could try turning off the UAC as I think this is whats causing you the headache..
If you open your control panel and click on 'Users and Accounts' you'll eventually find a check box for the UAC, uncheck it and then reboot.


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Here's where I'm at, right now:

I tried a clean boot reinstall (as dictated by MS)...& that didn't work. Problem the control panel applet under add/remove programs...Adobe Illustrator CS3 is appearing...& WILL NOT uninstall. I've deleted every program file folder & registry entry related to Illustrator I could find...but it still will not delete.

I also cant use the Adobe clean script that deletes ALL CS3 programs at level 1 (save for Reader). I've got Photoshop CS3 on my donated to me by my ex-employer. I no longer work for that firm; & do not want to lose Photoshop. I could move all my Photoshop program files to an external HD backup...but I do not know how to then back up my registry (relative to only Photoshop) in order to restore my authorizations afterward.

So...will turning off UAC help (w/ the above being the case)?



UPDATE: Turned off User Accounts...that didn't work either.


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nah...this machine is f_c_ _d up, man...!!!...big time.

I ran CCleaner...attempting to uninstall Illustrator CS3, which it would not do. So, first I *renamed* the program entry (from within CCleaner) & then ran it's registry cleaner (in which case it found tons of Illustrator entries...which I deleted). Then I attempted to install Illustrator.

At first, there was no error message as originally stated (cannot install two Adobe products, ad naseum)...& it started...but it didn't install in the typical way...the DVD-ROM just ran & ran...& all it did was to place an Adobe Illustrator CS3 entry back in the damn add/remove programs applet. But there were no windows that came up indicating an installation in progress, or anything like program files shortcut under Start > Programs...nothing but the program listed in add/remove programs.

So then I *deleted* the program entry from within CCleaner...& the exact same thing happened...which is, for all intents & purposes...some sort of partial installation.

This machine is really shot...I'm so frustrated.


what version of vista is it, 32 bit or 64 bit version? Next question is what bit version the adobe CS3 software is, 32 bit or 64 bit? If the os is 64 bit and software is 32 bit it will not work, not compatable and vice versa. The OS must match the software version. There is not alot of 64 bit software out there but a ton of 32 bit. Although they are trying to catch up in the software world for the 64 bit OS. It sort of like apple software at the moment, limited.

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