Windows 7 Should I ?????


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Mar 5, 2009
I'm a casual user of the internet and enjoy working with Beta's and I'm tempted to install W7 and get rid of my Vista Home Premium and stick with 7 until the this an OK move or will I regret it? I'm assuming I could roll back and reinstall Vista and of course I would back up my important files to a thumb drive or something.......I'm 72 years old and sometimes my 'computer judgment' is not the best....LOL
you wont be able to "roll back" or at least not that I'm aware of so if you want to try the beta the best way is on a seperate partition and dual boot , not as complicated as it sounds :p

back up of anything you can't afford to lose is always a good idea :razz:
As ickymay said, unfortunately you won't be able to simply "roll back" to the vista installation... So a dual boot setup would be the best way to go about it.. It's not that hard to setup.. you simply create a new partition (which can be done in Disk Management, which is found in control panel under Administrative Tasks) then do a clean install on the new partition.. After you've installed Win 7 on the new partition you'll then be presented with a choice of which OS you'd like to boot into when you start up your PC.. :)

I say go for it... you won't regret installing Windows 7 in my opinion.. there are tons of people having nothing but success with it and loving it... myself included.. I can't wait for 7 to be done and in stores so I can go buy a copy.. ;)

And yes I'd suggest backing all your important files up before you do any of this.. that's always a good idea (you never know what COULD happen when installing a new OS, though if your running fairly modern hardware you shouldn't have any problems).. That way too if you do install 7 and for some reason don't like it then you can just wipe out the new partition and go back to your original setup of Windows Vista... but like I said, I doubt you'll dislike Windows 7.. ;)

If you run into any problems, feel free to ask for help, we're always glad to help out.. :) Good luck..
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