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Is it possible to move the "show desktop" icon from the right side of the screen to the left where it used to be? I have been unable to find an asnwer to this. Thanks.


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Hi yeldarbgr and Welcome to the Forums,

The button you refer to is the Aero Peep button and as far as I am aware it cannot be moved from its position without serious editing of system files.

See if this little tutorial I found helps you to add the old fashioned "Show Desktop" button.

You can pin an icon for this purpose:

1. Copy to notepad and save as Show desktop.scf:


2. Pin an icon to your taskbar, for example notepad.

3. Right-click the pinned icon >> properties >> in the target box type the path to Show desktop.scf >> e.g. C:\Users\Show desktop.scf


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