Shrink a Hard disk

I am trying to shrink a hard drive using W7 I get the following on any drive I try to shrink.
This service cannot be started either because it is disabled or because no enabled devices are associated with it.
OS is W7 64 bit, I have 4 internal hard drives two of them are 1.5 TB two are 750 gig. I cannot shrink any of them for some reason
Would the Easeus TODO program be causing this problem?

Joe S

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I wouldn't think so but you never know. I think Easeus has a free partition manager too maybe that would work.

I found the problem in services you cannot I repeat cannot have the defrag service turned off or you will get this message
Here is what I found on a Google search Disabling Disk Defragmenter will disable virtual drive manager.

The reason I want to shrink a partition is I am thinking of installing Linux Mint on it

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