Shrinking partition C: on hard disk drive.


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I have recently replaced the hdd on my laptop with a 1TB disk

I did a clean installation of Windows 10 and then installed Norton Security Software for protection purposes
After that I tried to shrink the single partition (which is shown to contain around 30 GB) to 200 GB so that I could set up a new partition of around 750 GB to hold all my data.

However if I use the Windows shrink function or the EaseUS Shrink function I can only shrink partition C: to 466 GB.

As there is only about 30 GB of data in the partition what is contained in the other 436 GB of storage that is stopping me from shrinking it any further.

I would appreciate your advice.


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This is an old fix for what was a vista issue but may work here:
Making Shrink Volume Work

To absolutely ensure that you can shrink the volume, you should disable as many of the system files as you can, at least temporarily. Here’s the list of steps:

  1. Run the Disk Cleanup Wizard, making sure to remove the hibernation file and all restore points.
  2. Disable System Restore
  3. Disable the pagefile ( Open up System in Control Panel, then Advanced System Settings \ Advanced \ Performance \ Advanced \ Change \ No Paging File.
  4. In the same Advanced Settings, go to Startup and Recovery \ Settings and then change the Write debugging information drop-down to “None” to disable the kernel memory dump.
  5. Disable Hibernation mode in your power options \ advanced power options screen.
  6. Reboot the machine, and then delete your c:\pagefile.sys file, following these instructions if you are having issues.
Ref: Working Around Windows Vista’s "Shrink Volume" Inadequacy Problems