Shutdown issue Win 7

Hi everyone, i have problem with shutting down my computer.
My configuration:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
Asus P5B-E
Sapphire X1950Pro
WD Black 1000GB 32MB SATA2 WD1001FALS
Enermax ELT400AWT
2x1GB Corsair

When I want to shutdown my computer. Windows7 doesn't completly turnoff my computer. It only shutsdown my harddrive (I can tell that from the sound It makes) and my videocard (My monitor says that it doesn't recieve any signals). I have to shut it down manually by pressing and holding the on/off button on my system for like 5 seconds.
Win Xp automaticly shutsdown my system.

Are these known problems ? And are there any solutions ?
Thanks for help.


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Are you sure your motherboard is compatible with Windows 7?

yes I am sure that my Mb is compatibile with Win 7.
It is on Asus website.

I got the same problem

My motherboard is an P5kpl\1600 is listed as compatible with win 7 and when i press the shut down button , win is shutting down, i got the black screen and my power supply is still working the fans keep blowing ....
I don't have this problem in win xp or in win vista.


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Does the light go out on the tower?

No , light is switch on.


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Did this ever occur before installing Windows 7?

No, never , Win Xp automaticly shutsdown my system without problems

Hi all,

I have Asus P5KC motherboard and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit retail. I have the same shutdown problem as you describe, the videocard and harddrives appear to be turned off but the system fans and lights are on. This was never the case with Windows xp, my system would shutdown without any problems.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I should add that this doesn't happen every time. Sometime windows shuts down without any problems and sometimes it shuts down half way as described above.
There doesn't seem to be a set pattern of when it occurs.


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I had this problem on an old installation of Windows XP.
I found defragmenting helped for a while, though I did re-install Windows in the end.

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