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Windows 7 Shutdown Problems


New Member
Jun 21, 2013
I recently moved, and when I hooked my computer up at my new place it won't shut down for some reason. I've never had this problem before. When I go to shut it down, or simply restart it, it goes through the process, but when it gets to the screen saying "shutting down windows" the little blue circle just keeps spinning and then it'll freeze and just sit there. Any help with this?

It's hard to guess what's hanging and not closing, try running CCleaner and get rid of all the junk, run the registry checker too.

Then run Malwarebytes and make sure you don't have any malware.

Try booting into safe mode and then shut down and see if it shuts down quickly.
That would give some indication that it is something that doesn't have to run.

Look at things that load at startup, (you can do that in CCleaner too) and see if there are things that you don't need to start.

Try looking at Task Manager and see what's running just before you shut down and see if you can identify anything unusual.

I've had this happen from time to time, it usually sorts itself out when everything is cleaned up.

I figured it out. I had my mouse and keyboard plugged into the USB 3.0 ports and apparently they aren't 3.0 compatible. I moved them to other USB ports and it works fine now. I always run ccleaner and registry cleaners and malwares. I even bought and driver updates program that some site suggested so I could update my drivers.