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:( System Windows vista home premium ( build 6000)
processor 2.6 gig intelcore 2 duo
Main circuit board dg965ry
Drives 300Gb
Sony dvd rw aw-170A ATA Device cd rom drive
Nvidia Gforce 8600 GTS
Memory 2030 megabytes
2g of rams
I have a problem with windows. It shutsdown and reboots it self when i play games any games online or single player. And on the desktop i get a message windows is shuting down, then it reboots it self. I put the computer into a computer shop to get it fix and they told me there is nothing wrong with it.
Any help would be welcome thankyou.



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This could be many things so I guess its best to start with the obvious...
Heat.. Whats the cooling like inside the case? It may be fine when your not doing much but when you start to task the system this is when the heat build up could be a problem leading to a shut down.
You could try running the same games again but this time leave the side panel off the case. If you don't get any problems then its the heat and you must try and improve the air-flow through the case.
If however it still does the same try and write down any error messages/numbers as these all mean something.
Let me know how you get on..


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Re: shutdown reply

:confused:Chaz ::I took the side panel of and with in 2 minutes the comp shut down. First it made a clicking noise the screen went black no message or blue screen just shut down. The cooling fan keeps turning of and on with a winding noise only once. I never get any message just clicks of then shuts down. Then reboots it self. This is every time i try to play a game.

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